People have been fascinated by all religious matters since times immemorial. Some people accept and believe everything what they are given to read, but other people start to suspect with a moment's notice legitimacy of text's source, and even themselves start to investicate the truth. I belong to that latter group and such curiousity resulted in two books (More will be coming!) known as PSARI,(Available only in Finnish language.) and as Jesus Chrestus, which has now finally been translated to English with an aim to fill curiousity, of anyone who is english-speaking, about the Christianity's earliest history. My book clears out how the Christianity in fact was born.


A sensational book, the Jesus Chrestus, has achieved a modest fame after having been published in Finland. The book tells who Jesus Christ in reality was, and how he did end up from Judaea to Rome. Jesus Christ founded a cult of Christians in a temple of Isis, and the cult eventually led to the formation of the Christian Faith.The Christian God is actually Serapis, and as Christians themselves said: "Our god is neither a male nor a female." That proverb is actually true, as the Christian God was a bull.

The book has knowledge gleaned from history about a fact that Christians have their origin in the worship of Serapis, and that the Christianity has its roots in the city of Rome from where it migrated to the Levant instead of contrary.

After you have read the book, Jesus Chrestus, nothing will stay unchanged in your religious viewpoint.

Sirpa Montonen

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